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Vikapu Bomba is a local business of previously unemployed rural women. From the Lulanzi Village in Iringa – Tanzania who produce beautiful handmade baskets. Initially, the business consisted of a group of six women. As a result of the popularity of the baskets, the group continues to grow and currently involves sixteen women from the Lulanzi Community.

Why should you help fund our campaign?

You should help fund our campaign because the women of Vikapu Bomba are empowered through the development of valuable skills in business management, in designing and in using professional techniques for weaving their baskets. The income generated from the sale of their baskets has led to significant improvements in the livelihoods of Vikapu Bomba Community. The women are able to pay school fees for their children, grandchildren, take care of medical bills, provide food and take care of their families.

How we plan to use the funds raised

The fund will be used to empower more women. And to build a centre where women will meet and weave baskets together and help each other on how to improve their weaving skills.


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