UNU Fund is a funding platform. If you believe in bringing together our collective kindness to support people like you seeking funding then sign up now and start giving. These guidelines explain UNU Fund’s focus, projects violating these guidelines will be removed without notice at our discretion.

Note that as you go through the site you may find past projects on UNU Fund which conflict with these rules. We are making steps to enforcing these guidelines as we learn and grow.

Funding for projects only

A project must have a clear definition, like supporting an aspiring athlete, a rock band, backyard scientist or an author. Requesting funds in generalized terms for example, “for a better life” does not qualify as a project.

Prohibited uses

No “fund my life” projects, examples include projects to pay tuition, bills, go on vacation or buying a new TV.

No projects of any sexual nature, examples include paying for a date or any sexual intent.

Community Guidelines

Share your project with your network

Sharing your project with friends, fans, and followers is one thing, but spamming is the contrary. Spamming makes you and every other UNU Fund project less effective and it increases the chances of your project being suspended.


Do not create prohibited projects.

Do not harass other users or make personal attacks.

Do not post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content.

Do not post copyrighted content without explicit permission from content author.

If you do not like a project, do not attack it, simple just do not support it.

Violating these rules or our Terms of Use may result in your account being deleted and/or your project being suspended.

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